UFƟ, Unidentified Facility Collaboratory was founded 2017 by Judith Wehmeyer van den Boom, ArtEZ (NL)  and Fabrizio Cocchiarella, MMU (UK) to connect their collaborative search, research and participatory network. The UFƟ design research platform developed from a shared pathway into undetected forms of design practice and research.

The UFƟ Collaboratory shares the research, phenomena and approaches that interpret and propose new perspectives on the design of our (future) environment.

Early Greek imagination envisaged the past and the present as in front of us, something that we can see. The future was viewed as invisible, meaning that we are walking blind, backwards into the future. UFƟ re-imagines this territory, searching into new dimensional thinking and methodologies through design practice and education. (Bernard Knox, ‘Backing into the Future’ 1994).

Fabrizio Cocchiarella is a designer and lecturer, developing PhD research that aims to inspire a new generation of critically aware creative professionals and contribute to shaping future scenarios for living. He is also Senior Lecturer for BA (Hons) Interior Design at Manchester School of Art (UK). His research aims to produce insightful, thought provoking work which has resonance, speaking to the viewer using a carefully constructed visual language, creating projects that are not necessarily using the language of design norms, but rather re-inventing ways of looking at and experiencing our relationship with the physical (and metaphysical) through para-design.

Judith Wehmeyer van den Boom is a designer, and lecturer, developing PhD research in which her methods in design are inspired by her approach as practical idealist. Since completing the Royal College of Art she has been working over 10 years with institutes, practices and industry in China, England and the USA. She is Head of department BA Product Design at ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design in Arnhem (NL) where she focuses on delivering a new generation building future practices. Judith’s work stems from an active mentality to work on the expanding consciousness, role and hypothesis of design in today’s rapidly  transforming mental, ecological and cultural landscape. .

UFƟ COLLABORATORY NETWORK has built a broad network of partners, both in the academic field and artistic practice. By working as Collaboratory UFƟ is exploring the ambiguous nature of collaboration and narrating together new territories. The network connects throughout Europe and beyond; ArtEZ Arnhem, Manchester Met University, Central Saint Martins, Kyoto Design Lab, Royal College of Art, Parsons University, NYC, Design Inquiry USA, Slow Research Lab NL, Johan Borgman Fonds NL, and individual practices by Helen Carnac, Dr Ken Drinkwater, Joe Hartley, Emily Luce, Paul Harper, Thor ter Kulve, Lisa Mandemaker, Study O Portable, Sally Titterington, Anne Vaandrager, Abbie Vickress, Gunter Wehmeyer, as also a large group of students who have been participating in UFƟ test-sites.

Are you interested to join and collaborate with UFƟ please contact us!