During DISRUPT Design Manchester from 16-19 October 2018, UFƟ is hosting ‘Designing the Self’, following up the ‘In Search Off’ Arnhem event with a Salon evening and Test-Site workshop week.

‘Designing the Self’ is a UFƟ TEST SITE where over 4 days various approaches to DISRUPT through design practice are explored. Students and researchers will work collaboratively for one week in an immersive facility to investigate undefined design territories. Designing the Self looks at how creative approaches and practices inform and direct our current and future culture. Through starting with a Human centred approach ordinary practices in everyday lives transform into extraordinary realisations, the workshop will explore the pleasure and role of everyday things to empower people to investigate notions of what is truly normal.

Through a series of explorative and collaborative experiments the aim is to investigate how ‘collective dreaming and doing’ generate new design scenarios which can emerge as narratives that shift the way we think about current belief and value systems. We seek to establish a more socially aware design culture where through ‘Designing the Self’ the idea of the presence of Body/ Place/ Spirit is challenged to stimulate new dimensional thinking and exploration of our mental, social and material environment.