UFƟ ‘Unidentified Facility Ɵ’ is a Design Research Collaboratory connecting a wide network of design education and practice facilitating a collaborative laboratory for radical intervention, experimental and open methods within a contextual and collaborative context.

The UFƟ Collaboratory seeks new radical forms by design to stimulate new dimensional thinking and practice. UFƟ proposes a test-space for challenging the friction and fiction in society and shifting the way we think about belief systems, ecologies, phenomena and past-present-future parameters to define new forms of design practice.

By using the metaphor of the UFƟ ( Ɵ as metaphor for our collective nature) we initiate pro-active research through test-sites to deepen our sense of the unknown and UNIDENTIFIED, in order to observe undetected and emerging territories. The term FACILITY focuses on the experimental approach, re-examining the form, function and future of the design practice. By initiating test-sites and collective investigations UFƟ merges a geographic division to enable a collaborative inventiveness and resourcefulness towards a new form of practice.  

The Collaboratory is essential for UFƟ to harness collective intelligence and work towards shared research and innovative methods that stimulate emerging design practices. By fusing two elements, “collaboration” and “laboratory”, UFƟ suggests the construction of a space where designers explore collaborative innovation and produce an experimental research environment in which designers work and communicate with each other to design new systems, participate in collaborative science, and conduct experiments to evaluate and explore new practices.

The UFƟ Collaboratory is a network of designers, artists, researchers and educators with a mutual objective to shift the practice and explore new dimensions affecting behaviours, applications and capabilities. The UFƟ collaboratory offers significant yet playful insights to subvert the logic of current, leading together to transmit different perspectives that are more adaptive to time and space.