During the ArtEZ Finals from 4-9 July 2018,  UFƟ will be hosting ‘In Search Off’, a special Salon evening for an invited group of international industry, education and design practice. The UFƟ evening will present the UFƟ design research platform and lead an inspiring evening enabling discourse and collaboration. The first gatherings took place in Arnhem (’17) and Manchester (’16) to speak on the urgency, context and relevance within our changing design work field.

The evening will be searching for new insights and perspectives concerning In Search Off: alternatives, politics, slowness and futures.  Speakers for the evening, Lisa Mandemaker on project State of Unsettlement, Julia Cassim on Kyoto Design Lab, Jorn Konijn on Future Makers, Carolyn F. Strauss on Slow Reader Slowlab and Judith van den Boom & Fabrizio Cocchiarella speaking on the mission of the UFƟ.