Project Founders: Fabrizio Cocchiarella, Judith van den Boom

Research Collaboratory: Helen Carnac, Paul Harper, Maël Henaff, Anne Vaandrager, Abbie Vickress, Gunter Wehmeyer and drifting participants UK/NL.

Early Greek imagination envisaged the past and the present as in front of us, something that we can see. The future was viewed as invisible, meaning that we are walking blind, backwards into the future. The Collaboratory re-imagines this territory, searching through experimental methodologies to find a new dimensionality. UFƟ Collaboratory seeks new radical forms by design to stimulate new dimensional thinking and design practice. 

The Collaboratory functions as a safespace for investigation, focussing on experimental approach om order to re-examining the form, function and future of the design practice. UFƟ Drift London is a collective investigation in the (re)discovery of these modes of practice. By developing drifting as a form of testspace, we seek to subvert the logic and connection to enable new belief systems, ecologies, phenomena and past-present-future parameters. 

During UFƟ Drift - IN SEARCH OF PRACTICE, the presentations are focused on the search for new forms of practice, to establish new parameters, methods and conditions that explore alternative ways of making and dialoque. 

The UFƟ Drift explores the conditions to re-think practice and creating a context for experimental thinking within the nomadic context and rhytmn of the drift. The route is leading through the landscape of London, intervened with presentations and collective making.

One of the highlights of the walk is the presentation of the limited edition book print State of Unsettlement, a collaborative design research developed in 2018-2019 in reaction to the reality called Brexit. The various works developed by participants question and comment on the current precarious political, social landscape, in relation to the reinterpretation and imagination of the practice of design.

Drift presentations by:

State of Unsettlement _ Anne Vaandrager & Judith van den Boom

Drifting as ways of making _ Helen Carnac

Democratising Technology  _  Maël Henaff 

Psychic Products _  Fabrizio Cocchiarella 

Conversation Currency  _   Abbie Vickress

Resonance _ Judith van den Boom 

Nothing _ Gunter Wehmeyer 

Reading _ Paul Harper

What are we searching for? 

Why is this important for (y)our practice? 

What do you hope to find?

“Time, is the substance I am made of.

Time is a river that carries me away, but I am the river.”

Jorge Luis Borges