UFƟ investigates through interdependent
Test Sites ( research based) + Transmissions (broadcast based)

TEST SITES are physical and temporal based research-led projects that transmit radical ideas through research, documentation and prototyping with students and professionals. Test-sites are location based of various duration to stimulate friction, deepen thinking, rumours and prototyping as ways of (re)discovering new spaces, objects and modes of practice.

TRANSMISSIONS are public based events, in search of dialogue, discussion and sharing knowledge. Transmissions events discuss research and test-site experiences with aim to stimulate rumors that create potential for change and stimulate new dimensional thinking and practice.

By creating Test Sites and Transmissions, The UFƟ Collaboratory will take residence to unsettle and disturb, to create new forms of trusted spaces in which conflict can occur and connect—to inspire an affiliation of perspective, experience, knowledge, methodology, geographical or cultural origins.